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Dr Kiran KReddy  provides a comprehensive range of specialised care for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in children and adults . Working with a multidisciplinary team, Dr Kiran K Reddy  use the most advanced and innovative approaches and techniques to treat these conditions.

Meet Dr Kiran K Reddy



Through my daily efforts to provide excellent orthopaedic medical care for our patients, Dr Kiran K Reddy strive to recognize and treat bone and joint disease of Children and Adults. The atmosphere Dr Kiran K Reddy foster is one of respect, compassion and courtesy.
Dr Kiran K Reddy comprehensive approach to understanding patients and treating their orthopaedic condition serves as the cornerstone of Pediatric Orthopedic in Hyderabad practice and is the foundation upon which Pediatric Orthopedic in Hyderabad will continue to grow and build. Dr Kiran K Reddy is committed to working hand- in-hand with the children and Adult Orthopedic and parent to provide today’s optimal outcomes.

With exclusively trained in pediatric orthopaedic in Singapore Dr Kiran K Reddy is one of the best Pediatric Orthopedic in Hyderabad devoted to the care of children adolescents and Adults .

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